Dog lover.
vintage fanatic.
beer connoisseur.

hiya! i'm stoked that you've made it this far and are down to get to know lil ole me! 
i'm a 25 year old living her fuckin' dream of traveling all over the damn planet doing what i love most; capturing sweet sweet luuuuuuv. i've had a camera in my hand since i was a tiny lil shithead with my disposable kodak cameras that my pops would buy me. i remember the feeling of sitting behind the printing booth at walmart, too fuckin' short to even see over the counter, anxiously waiting for my roll of film to be developed. i would pick photography up and down over the years to come. finally after a mini road trip to the great out west i came home, quit my job on a whim and decided to dive deep into this beautiful world of art, and here we are 4 something years later. i couldn't be more grateful for this life. 

i've loved traveling since i was young, my life was a little unstable but somehow traveling and being on the go felt like stability. if i'm home for more than a month i start getting that itch to buy a one way ticket to iceland or spain. so if you need someone to tag along for your elopement, i'm your gal! 

i'm married to the love of my life, we've been together for six years, married for almost two. he makes me the happiest and i'm thankful for this life we've created.  we  have a beautiful daughter named Veda, the literal fucking light of my life. she's the best thing i will ever create. i am quite sleep deprived since having her, but as the saying goes; ill sleep when i'm dead. 
we have the weirdest doggos, i will give unsolicited stories about them so sorry not sorry. 

im a bit of sap when it comes to love. especially when it's that deep, passionate, souful luuuuuv. im here to freeze moments in time for you and your grandchildren to look back on. to hold your photos and feel the love radiating through. i want this experience to be so memorable and easy for you! this is why i take my time getting to know you and every juicy little detail of your day. i truly love my couples so much and want nothing less than the world for you and do my best to make you feel good! 

my fav things:

my ole man

my kid